Expanding broadband internet connection quality nationwide

Helping businesses and individuals

Over the next five years, Virgin Media is planning to grow their network to include more homes and commercial premises than ever before, expecting to help four million extra households and businesses get access to the UK’s fastest and most widely available broadband.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to participate in this project, I said yes straight away.

As a professional working in the online industry, I know how important is to have a good internet connection to be able to be productive and stay in touch with those essential to your business.

Previous designs for the expansion plan


My role in this project

Project background

I joined the Virgin Media Digital team, based in West London, as one of the User Interface Designers in the project. Some of my main responsibilities were:

  • Improving the user journey based on the wireframes that the User Experience Designer created as a starting point.
  • Suggesting and producing layouts that would increase page conversion, reduce bounce rate and upturn user task accomplishment, based on Virgin Media CMS (Content Management System) capabilities and features.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

  • Selecting images from Virgin Media Photo Library and preparing them for production.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

  • Creating meaningful icons to convey in an engaging way, the content the copywriter provided for each of the sections in the pages I was responsible for.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

  • Presenting design solutions to stakeholders and collecting feedback that would meet business goals; keeping users at the foremost of the experience.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

This ambitious project involved so many moveable parts within the business that it was a big challenge to meet all the deadlines.

Residential new build

A strong selling point

Virgin Newbuild mockup

In this section of the "Network Expansion" area of Virgin Media website, we were targeting Developers with a "more benefits and selling points" approach than in other pages. We wanted to explain how it would increase the value of the property in the market, and the real advantages for future owners who would enjoy all the entertainment packages available for them in Virgin Media.

Residential new build-desktop
Residential new build-mobile

Homeowners and tenants

Need for speed

Virgin Homeowners mockup

This page is a more informative one, offering a clear and step by step guide regarding requirements and kinds of cabling available for the prospective customer to be able to enjoy Virgin Media services in their property, as well as FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) based on customer research.


The 100 villages challenge

Word of mouth

100CV mockup

At the same time, as part of the project ‘Network Expansion’ Virgin Media is offering to villages around the UK the opportunity to cable their streets through a series of registration programs. These will allow Virgin Media to choose the villages with the highest number of people willing to sign up. In this case, the aim was to inform the already registered person, how many people had already signed up the scheme in their area, giving them the opportunity to increase their chances by spreading the word to friends, family and neighbours. To improve the odds of this happening we implemented a social sharing module, a section under "what would happen from when the user signs up", with Virgin Media's goal with this program and the all the legal peculiarities.


Final thoughts

Project background

The team I was part of was full of experienced professionals who I've learned a lot from and enjoyed working with. We delivered an amazing piece of work to Virgin Media and I can’t wait to be back in the future to collaborate in such a fast-paced and vibrant environment.

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