Tesco, transparency at the heart of customers' data use.

A little bit of background always helps

As one of the world's largest retailers, with over 480,000 employees, Tesco serves millions of customers a week, both in their stores and online.

So I was delighted when a small agency based in West London contacted me to work with them on a project for Tesco UK.
The team I became a part of already consisted of a Product Manager, an Information Architect, a Copywriter and a UX Designer. Only two more creatives were needed to complete the group who would bring this project to life - a new Front-end Developer, and a Web Designer - myself.


The challenges we faced on this project

Project background

Let’s be honest, very few people read any of the small print or the Privacy Policy online. Why? Because nine out of ten times this information is written in a complicated way that uses legal terms. Users just don’t have the time to read the 5000 words that the Privacy Policies present. Tesco needed a different way to approach the subject.

Stakeholders highlighted the lack of trust consumers have in companies regarding how data is sold to partners and satellite groups.

Tesco wanted to redesign its Privacy Centre to clearly communicate their unique approach when it comes to the collection and use of Personal and Aggregated Data.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

Data secrecy

Data secrecy

Demystifying the secrecy around the use of data, being transparent about the process of collection and educating customers about what happens behind the scenes.

Tell the story

Tell the story

Turning a dry subject - Privacy Policy and Data Security - into an interesting and engaging idea through storytelling.

Security and risks

Security and risks

How to explain to customers with minimal or no experience regarding Data Privacy, how Tesco believes in the importance of security. Also providing insights and tips on how to improve the security around their personal data while shopping online.

How we got things done

Project background

A series of sprints were set in place, following an Agile workflow. This meant Copywriting, User Experience, User Interface and Development working at the same time, with daily stand-ups every morning to follow up on everyone’s progress.

We realised that with the deadlines we had to hit, and the budget that was agreed, we had to deliver high quality with the fastest turnaround we could.

The solution was to create a series of page templates based on a library of modules we could reuse in the different sections of the Privacy Centre.


While the content was being written, I was designing the different kinds of possible modules we would need based on the UX. Then, the Developer would build prototypes for each component, so when the copy would arrive, he would put together a page for each template, which was presented to the stakeholders for review and feedback.
Once the pages were signed off they would be tested at Tesco facilities with real customers, and finally, we could get user’s feedback and tweak the modules and pages based on real data.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Project background

The strategy was in place, the Information Architect and the Copywriter sent us the rough structure for the content of the first pages.
Soon enough we narrowed the amount of templates to the following four.

  • Grid Menu
  • Information blocks
  • Data journey
  • Privacy and cookies policy

Grid menu

A modular Approach


Privacy Centre”  and “Keeping your gadget’s safe” are pages which are mainly composed of several modules displaying key information, or leading the user to pages with related content.

This module system makes the layout flexible in a way that Tesco can decide what elements to use for a better Information Hierarchy.


Information blocks

Scroll bit by bit


In this case, We created a template that would serve two kinds of pages, one more informational based like “Our commitment” and one more hands-on, full of tips and tricks, like “Safer online shopping”.
These two types are composed of a series of full-width modules which offer important information to the user.
These are supported by an image or a graphic, using motion when necessary, that helps the target audience to understand better the content and consume it in an engaging way.


Data journey

Protecting your information

tesco-data journey

A storytelling page where the goal here was to explain how Tesco collects, protects and uses their customers' information, "Your Data Journey" was a key page on the project. The use of animations on this page reveals information and illustrates essential ideas which appear as the user scrolls down, creating the narrative Tesco needed conveying every step of the data journey.


Privacy and cookies policy

Making sure you find it


This is a page where the user will look for specific different legal sections and information related to a specific subject are presented.
In this case, we decided to use accordion components to enclose the information, a system whose purpose is to hide and show content based on user interactions. This method was the most successful among other options that were used at "Privacy and cookies policy", which was a big surprise for us, as we thought the accordion would be counterintuitive for the user.


Success measured by results

Project background

After 8 weeks of intense work, collaboration and multiple iterations, Tesco released the Privacy Centre.

We’ve got the analytics back from the first weeks and they were very promising, customers signing up more than ever to buy Tesco products online. Their customer service team getting fewer calls regarding how Tesco uses their data and the traffic on those pages increased from the very first day the Privacy Centre went live.
I would call that a total success! We had our bumps along the road, but we all pulled together as a team.

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