Helping Health Professionals to diagnose Nocturia by offering the best solution

What makes this project special

What if you could help millions of people to start their day happier and more refreshed than they have been for a very long time?
Yes, designers can actually affect the lives of many human beings positively, and you don’t need to work on a project for Apple, though that would be nice, or any other amazing shiny tech product that everyone wants.

This project was especially exciting, as this was my very first one in the healthcare industry. I have myself someone close with a chronic disease which makes life extremely difficult, and being able to help someone with a health problem is a gift.

nocdurna mobile designs

What was the project's real goal

The main goal wasn’t increasing the percentage of Nocdurna's sales by a specific percentage each quarter; deals were high, health professionals were amazed by the product.
The real goal was getting health professionals to diagnose Nocturia quickly and use the website as a source of professional guidance by signing up for more information; that’s how we would increase Nocdurna’s discovery.

Creating a responsive website was vital to the client; healthcare professionals spend most of their working hours treating patients, they learn about new treatments and studies on the go.

Nocturnal Polyuria

The root of the problem

Nocturnal Polyuria page mockup

The main objective of this page was explaining that Nocturnal Polyuria is the leading cause of Nocturia. There is a fairly amount of information to digest on this page and we needed to include graphics and charts to reinforce all the data around this subject.

We kept some elements from the current design but we gave it a new fresh look and feel, cleaner and easier to understand.

New design for Nocturnal Polyuria page
Nocturnal Polyuria-current

Previous design for Nocturnal Polyuria page

Nocturnal Polyuria-old


The struggles and symptoms

nocturia page mockup

On this section, we had to make clear and explain the symptoms that Nocturia has on patients suffering from Nocturna Polyuria, how they impact daily in such a negative way. The use of tabs and slider was a way to condense lots of information in each section keeping it at the same time simple to use.

New design for Nocturia page

Previous design for Nocturia page



The long-awaited solution

Nocdurna page mockup

Detailing the advantages of using this product and its results would reinforce the content in the two previous sections. Conveying a sense of relief and happiness on this page was essential, improving the quality of patient's life is Nocdurna mission. Health professionals spend lots of time seeing the same patients over and over trying to alleviate their burden.

New design for Nocdurna page

Previous design for Nocdurna page


The project in detail

Front and center

nocturia page mockup – flipped
Nocdurna page mockup

How Nocturia affects people's life

Never before in my life, I heard of such a thing as  Nocturia, like many other afflictions, we are unaware unless someone you know or yourself suffer from it. 
However, everyone knows that good night sleep is one of the essential pillars of a healthy life, even more after reaching a certain age.

Well, this disorder is the leading cause of sleep fragmentation for individuals 50 years old, both men and women. Those affected have to wake at night a few times to void; consequently, this chronic loss of sleep has a significant negative impact on their lives.

Good news is that this syndrome can be mitigated by talking Nocdurna, which is the product this project was all about.

Nocdurna is a product that treats the overproduction of urine at night.
This overproduction forces the individual to go one or more times overnight to the toilet, causing sleep fragmentation, which has a negative impact on patients’ lives.


How to make it easy to understand

The primary purpose of the website as a whole was to explain the connexion between Nocturnal Polyuria as a cause of Nocturia and its symptoms.
At the time, Nocdurna website didn’t explain clearly what caused Nocturia and how Nocdurna alleviates its symptoms.
Every page was presented a separate piece of content with nothing to tied them up together as a whole, there was no storytelling included as part of the site strategy.

The narrative should have been quite straightforward:
Nocturnal Polyuria causes Nocturia which it manifests by the following symptoms, hence use Nocdurna.

Nocturnal Polyuria-cropped

Getting a solid foundation

Before my arrival, some initial designs were shared with the client, but still, it didn’t feel like much progress was made towards a successful solution.

So, as I do on every project I take, I started by learning everything I could about the product, the problem and its industry.
I spent time putting my head around the burden of suffering from Nocturnal Polyuria, the problems healthcare professionals had when diagnosing it and how Nocdurna helps to mitigate those symptoms.

As I started to comprehend it all, the problem was quite clear, the website needed to be reorganised from the most basic foundation, the key was offering well-structured information from a visual and content perspective.


Facilitating the best user journey

After reviewing the pages and their structure, we found a lack of call to actions and mechanisms, leading users to visit other pages on the site.
Only at the homepage, we found a few buttons asking users to ‘learn more’ about critical concepts, but nothing that would help that storytelling factor mentioned in the previous section.

All the essential parts were there. However, the user had to find its way around instead of being guided by the website to the next piece of information.

Information Hierarchy

Something that stood out, as I’ve mentioned before, was how poor structured the content was in most sections. The overall purpose of the pages, in general, was difficult to understand, users couldn’t make sense of it.

There was a fair amount of data and facts on each page, which had to be displayed in a clear and structured way, not being able to digest information easily is the perfect recipe for a high bounce rate, which leads users never to come back again.

The information was disjointed across each page, confusing the user, leaving many questions unanswered. Nocdurna website was meant to be a place where health professionals could get accurate answers.

Improving user experience

Challenges and learnings

Clarity above everything else

Health professionals already use established channels to order and have access to the medicines they use regularly.
That’s why the primary goal of this website was to offer the necessary information to diagnose Nocturia quickly, so one of those essential jobs was to answer the following questions.

Am I in the right place?
Nocdurna is currently the only medication licensed to treat Nocturnal Polyuria.

Who is Nocdurna for?
This medicine is indicated for patients with Nocturia caused by Nocturnal Polyuria.

What helps with?
Patients with chronic loss of sleep caused by Nocturia, the need of waking at night a few times to void.

What are the benefits of using Nocdurna?
This treatment will improve the patient’s quality of sleep, hence their quality of life.

By taking care of the content strategy, all of these answers were supported by data and infographics placed in strategic points along with the page.

Rethinking the homepage

I’ve always considered the homepage of a website, especially those with a content focus, quite similar to the cover of a book but also including the author’s foreword or summary. It is an excellent opportunity to catch the user's eye and give an idea of what to expect once you dig deeper into the important stuff.

The already proposed homepage didn’t accomplish much of the above; therefore the new homepage included modules which gave concise information and a clear call to action inviting the user to explore more about the subject on the relevant page. In that way, we would increase the time spent on site increasing conversion chances of higher.

New design for Nocdurna homepage
Previous design for Nocdurna homepage

The takeaways

Looking back to move forward

Keeping everyone in the loop

Do You know that old saying to learn walking before running?
Sometimes in a job, there is a feeling that delivering the project is more important than how it’s delivered.

When working under pressure, against the clock, especially, some people forget the real goal of the project, what is the objective, what are we trying to achieve?
For that reason, it is essential to establish the objectives of the project from the beginning, what role has everyone in the project and who will sign off the result.

Keep the decision-maker in the loop, with frequent updates, make them part of the process, you will be glad when the time comes to get the approval.

 Don’t leave everything to the grand final reveal, most of the time will end up with unnecessary changes and not achieving the project’s objectives.

Don't work based on assumptions

Get something done that you can test as soon as possible, using any data that the company can provide you. Show it to people, even if it’s not exactly how you had it in mind at the beginning, just an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).
Collect feedback, opinions and especially what people think that doesn’t work, tell them that it’s not the final product, and please show to people out of the project, those who are not part of the team, that will stop you working on assumptions.

Every project is different; you'll find challenges, try to make the most of the situation.
Sometimes those challenges are technical; sometimes personalities clash and other times is just lack of communication. 

Remember that everyone in the project is there to make it succeed, so be always open to listen and keep it friendly.

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