Moving towards one consistent experience

Who is Haven and what they do

Haven is a UK based company which operates 40 family holiday parks.
They have been in business since 1964 offering three main products, caravan holidays, touring and camping facilities across the UK, mostly on the coast.
Their target audience is primarily families with kids who are keen to enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment the park facilities have to offer.

Haven mockup

The brief in a nutshell

Project background

I was approached by a recruitment agency to help on the redesign of a website for Haven, one of their newest clients.
The job consisted of consolidating three different websites which over time had grown apart, as different teams have been managing them separately. Some of them had also a separate mobile website which the web team had to maintain to keep them updated.

  • Haven Holidays offered general content about Haven parks and the ability of booking holidays online.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

  • Haven Ownership focused on selling caravans and lodges located in Haven parks.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

  • My Haven allowed customers with a profile to manage their bookings and make payments online.

As a team, we had to define some of the challenges to achieving this and find a way to overcome them creatively.

Each website had a completely different style, tone of voice, functionality and philosophy, moving forward made sense for Haven to bring them all to one single place

Previous Haven Holidays homepage


Ownership homepage


My Haven holiday details page


My role within Haven web team

Project background

Haven had on site a team of graphic designers and developers to fulfil the company’s needs, but they didn’t have any digital designer, neither a UX or UI expert.

My role in the project was to take what an agency had created as the new look and feel for Haven online brand, and use it as my arsenal to bring Haven new responsive website alive.
This agency already had put time and effort to create some essential elements that combined could give the web team a starting point.

Part of my job was also to create a website that each one of the previous product managers would sign off. Unfortunately, they were used to work and make decision separately, until then, they had different business goals and target audiences.

Working with different project managers and stakeholders under the supervision of the web team leader was one of the significant challenges in this project.

I kept sharing with the rest of the team solutions I was working on. Based on the brief documents I’ve received from the different stakeholders, these recommendations included basic designs to understand what was viable or possible, as the engineers already had a system in place with its constraints, I had to meet the users' needs while fulfilling the business objectives.

My Haven Account

One to rule them all

My Haven mockup

The Haven website project involved many sections with their own challenges, but for this case study, I will be covering My Haven.
In this area, customers can sign in, create a profile, check their upcoming holidays, make payments or even save holidays that they find interesting and might want to book in the future.

Previous Haven Holiday Account page

old dashboard

Previous Haven Owner Account page

old ownership account

Previous Haven Holiday page


The idea of bringing everyone in

Project background

When we started with this section Haven customers had to use three different websites to manage their accounts, something completely unnecessary.
One was where users could create a profile, or manage their details and holiday payments of their existent account, the other website was a place where customers would manage their holiday details, like booking activities or make payments as well. 
And the third website was which targeted customers interested in owning a caravan or lodge. In this website, users could create a profile, save search results and set alerts based on their interests.

The objective of My Haven piece was merging three standalone websites into one seamless experience to increase performance metrics by improving the overall user journey and task completion.

Who are our customers?

Project background

The first task in the process was to identify and define the various customers who will take advantage of using My Haven. After talking to customer service, marketing members and the sales team we defined the seven user types.

  • Holiday maker
  • Newspaper holidays
  • Tour operator customer
  • Travel agent customer
  • Corporate partners
  • Prospective owner
  • Prospective holiday maker

Each one would come to My Haven for different reasons, the vast majority of them would want to check their next holiday and make some sort of payment.

Haven had in place of two separate websites, one for those wanting to book holidays and the other for those wanting to buy a caravan, which until that moment was working just fine; but it also could happen that one person owned two accounts, someone could own a caravan in a park and might want to go on holidays with friends to a different park.

Even if we were planning to consolidate all websites in one, Haven had to maintain all existing accounts and inform users of the future changes.

Holiday Maker customer

persona 1

Ownership customer

persona 2

Based on qualitative user research and user tests/interviews we've performed with the old website and first designs, we divided all users into two categories, Holidays and Ownership.

Log in page

Seamless entry point

Log in mockup

We decided to have one page to sign in regardless if the account came from Ownership or Holidays profiles. In the case of those with two accounts, they would be able to sign in with any of the two but prompted to keep only one after a reasonable period of time. 
Until then, if the user signed with, let’s say an Ownership account, the relevant information would be shown but Holiday data would be available as well.

For new customers creating only one account would be enough to use all the features, regardless of what product they wanted, booking holidays or buying a caravan.

Log in – desktop
Log in – mobile

My Haven Dashboard

Everything at a glance

Dashboard holidays – mockup

After signing in with an existent account customers would land on a page displaying the information they had in their previous profiles. This page is conformed of two areas, on the top the customer details and below it a second area with a tab system which allows them to switch between Holidays and Ownership, each one has several sections containing different details.


Holiday Maker dashboard view

If the user had a Holiday account the sections would include upcoming holidays and saved holidays with the ownership tab empty. In the 'Upcoming Holidays' the customer can visit the holiday details page from any of the bookings displayed or make a payment for any specific booking using the ‘Make a payment’ call to action.


Ownership dashboard view

If the user had an ownership account sections would include holiday homes alerts, arrange a visit and receive offers by email with the holiday tab empty.

In the few cases where previously a user had two accounts, one for each website, the dashboard would contain all the information from both accounts and each tab populated with the data from each one.


Holiday details page

See everything, change anything

holiday details – mockup

Any customer who wishes to see the details of his booking before going on holidays can check those at the Holiday details page.
Each booking has an individual page which can be accessed from the dashboard or the login page just with few details.

Every Holiday Details page includes all the relevant booking details like accommodation type, duration, guests, etc,… as well as a very useful section with all the payment details and extras that can be added to the booking.

Holiday Details – desktop
Holiday Details – mobile

Other areas in My Haven

So much you can get and do at the park

other sections mockup

Another pages like optional extras, activities and make a payment are also important, but I don’t want to go on and on as I’m sure you’ve realised by now how big just this part of the new Haven website is.

Optional extras page

optional-extras – desktop

Booking activities page


My Haven project takeaways

My Haven is still in development and it hasn’t been implemented yet to the new website.
Some of the new features need more work in terms of implementing them on the backend, but after running some user tests with a staging website, we were able to modify some of the components which are part of My Haven.

So far, test users have been really positive when performing some tasks, like adding optional extras or making a payment to existent bookings. 
Some used in the past the old Haven website and they feel this new version makes a better job in terms of how easy to find the information is and how convenient is being able to show it on their phones to their partner when looking for their next holiday.

Here are some numbers

Site performance, the figures below have been collected over 3 months since the new website was launched.

Conversion rate is up 35%

Conversion rate is up 4%

Conversion rate is up 6%

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