Citibank, innovation through engagement

A platform to connect users worldwide

The head of UX in a brand agency based in London needed help with a project for Citibank; the product was a platform for internal use only; the goal, increase innovation through collaboration.

We looked at platforms out there like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, trying to figure out which one use as inspiration or a starting point.
Unfortunately, none of them resonated with our premise.
We didn't want to create a social network to share personal stories or funny photos; the platform was a place to connect with peers and stay informed.


We weren't interested in sharing short comments about projects; being able to collaborate means understanding a problem, a project or an idea and come up with suggestions.
This platform wouldn't be the place to get a promotion or a career boost, but a place to find like-minded people and learn from them.

The premise for this platform was to become the beat of stimulus at Citibank; the experience would unleash the power of the organisation, facilitating employees to connect with colleagues, to share best practices and concepts worldwide.

Platform Structure-1

Platform structure - First concept

Platform Structure-2

Platform structure - Second concept


Platform structure - Final Iteration


The core idea was that the platform would empower users and help them connect with peers to turn ideas into reality.

Users would be able to view, track, and follow current projects within Citibank, access the best methodologies for the task at hand and create and share their experiences with the community. 

Starting by who is going to use the product

Project background

The first step was defining the different type of users the product would have. Such an ambitious platform would require to fulfil not just the needs, but also the expectations of people within all hierarchy levels at Citibank.

With this in mind, we created three personas; each one had different responsibilities within Citibank organisation; each one was defined based on parameters provided by various departments.

Card Product Manager@2x

Card Product Manager, GCB

I am looking for visibility into past work or best practices to help me work smarter.

  • This user wants to get insights from projects other users have been part of; review methodologies, reports and data.
  • Usually, the way to get that information out of a department would be emailing or speaking on the phone to any colleague involved in a similar project, quite a limited system of accessing data.
Talent development@2x

Talent development, ICG

I am looking to create content to share learnings, celebrate my team and elevate my reputation within Citi.

  • This user wants for everyone within the department to acknowledge what her team has accomplished on the last project, especially those watching her closely.
  • Typically, a blog/social media post and a team party would be the way to go. However, that's easy to miss by more senior figures within the organisation.
Senior Leader @2x

Senior Leader

I want to create a call to action on the platform (e.g. I have a problem, and I'd love diverse perspectives on it).

  • This user wants a new take on an idea or project that he/she has no time to invest at the moment. People around don't have the right skills or knowledge.
  • Under these circumstances, he would rely on managers he trusts, that means filtering ideas and suggestions through them. The problem with that approach is potentially missing new fresh perspectives. 

Based on these profiles, we mapped out the different user journeys that each one would experience trying to complete a specific task, trying to find patterns and commonalities.
We wanted it to define pain points from the very beginning and come up with ways to solve them.

Citibank Innovation Platform

From people to people


How, where and when to use the platform

Project background

Citibank a unilateral decision to create the product for desktop only.
Their policy was for users to have access to the platform only at work; the content shared could contain sensitive information and needed to stay in a controlled environment.
Methods, practices and projects are tools any employee will use to improve performance and effectiveness for only Citibank projects.

Citi View

A global source of inspiration

citi-view – globe
citi-view – list

The platform's homepage is populated explicitly with content based on the user's interests when signing up.
Overtime by connecting with colleagues, this page will transform in a place to find inspiration, expert advice and new skills increasing transparency into Citi's global activities.

citi-view – globe
citi-view – globe list

My Profile

Who, what and why me

profile – interests

This is the space where Citibank users can set their interests, filters and general settings for a more personalised experience. In this section, they can find the content they have saved, contributed and published, all in a consolidated view.

profile – page wireframe
profile – page-sketch
profile – interests
create account wireframe
create account sketch


Sharing is caring

sharing-contribute page
sharing-idea page

There are three ways that any user can contribute to the platform:

  • Share a story
  • Share an idea
  • Call to action

Every one of these guides helps users through the process of creating and sharing their content; it's an easy step by step system that encourages users to contribute and share their experience.


Share a story

I wish I would have known

sharing-story step
sharing-story page

What is the best we can do at the end of a project? Share with others what we've learned. That includes not just successes, but also mistakes; when we get something wrong, it forces us to find the right way to do it. These experiences teach us how to improve ourselves, and above all, teamwork.

  • What project working on
  • Areas of interest involved
  • Who was part of the project
  • Challenges
  • Learnings
share story – page
story page wireframe
storypage sketch

Share an idea

Learning from each other

sharing-idea step
sharing-idea page

A community, among other things it's a group of people that when working together can achieve incredible things which couldn't be possible when doing it alone. Sharing an ongoing project with the users and being open to contribution could be what the team needs to succeed at the end of the day.

  • Description of the idea
  • Similar ideas
  • Definition of the idea
  • Who is working on the project
share idea – page
story idea wireframe
ideapage sketch

Call to action

Looking for talent worlwide

call to action-choose
call to action page

When was the last time you had a great idea and did nothing with it?
You don't know how to execute it, or you don't have the skills or the knowledge necessary to bring this idea forward.
Well, the best way to quickstart a project is surrounding yourself with talented people who also have great ideas.

  • Description of the concept
  • Deadline
  • Areas of interest involve
  • Additional information
story CallAction wireframe
CTApage sketch

How to (Methods)

Learn it, use it and reinvent it

how to – page
how to – step

A repository of the best processes and methodologies used by people in Citibank to help users work more effectively. Think of something like or LinkedIn Learning but with content relevant to fulfil the needs of Citibank employees.

how to – page
method wireframe

Admin View

Overview, report and review

admin view – overview
admin view – content

A repository of the best processes and methodologies used by people in Citibank to help users work more effectively. Think of something like or LinkedIn Learning but with content relevant to fulfil the needs of Citibank employees.

admin view – overview
admin – overview wireframe
admin – content wireframe

Then we had the closest thing to an MVP

After coming up with the concept for the product, we put together what possible content would populate the platform based on Citibank suggestions.

We worked alongside the Branding Team in the USA, presenting possible solutions for the different sections, based on the three personas and their user journeys.
We presented various wireframes for each page to get feedback and created the final designs after a few iterations.
As a consultant, I finished my job helping the Head of UX with the ideation, strategy and delivery of a prototype for the Minimal Viable Product.

From that point, the Citibank Branding Team will take over and present the product to Senior figures and decision-makers. A couple of months later, the Head of UX contacted me, letting me know that the project was a well-received and Citibank was putting together an engineering team to build the platform's first version.

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